Friday, September 21, 2012

Affiliate DM (Denmark Championships)

Hey there...

I'll make a post about "Affiliate DM" and about the website I'm currently using in this competition!
At the moment, you can see my website here:  gratisspilsider (And yes, the website is written in Danish, but you can still get hint's&tips about affiliate and add placement etc on my blog)

>> Of the record; I'll be making English websites (.com etc) in a couple of weeks! <<


Back to subject!

"Affiliate DM" > it's about affiliate money making of course, and in this round of Affiliate DM, the winner is the one that hits 50.000 DK(Danish crones) - that's about:
8711,10 dollars
5200 pounds - or
6780  euros!

Therefore, you can all calculate, that this competition is going to take a while!

The winner of Affiliate DM gets a good round of sponsor prices as well (besides the 50.000DK he just made anyway)

During this competition, I'll be posting some info about following;
(You can get some tips if you read my posts doing this competition!)

1. How it's going - how much I've earned etc.
2. The toughest competitors - How are they doing?
3. What are we all using for; Affiliate income, text's, SEO, etc etc.
4. "Random" > Everything that crosses my mind in this competition as well.

So if you like some free hint's and tips, follow this blog for a while!
(I'm sure there's something you'll like at some point!

// Chris